Lost Souls

Looking back to those years,

I question if there was love

The lust, the trust, all gone

The door has been shut for ‘Us’

You cut me ever so slightly

But repeatedly and deeply, so it’d hurt

Our fate has been twisted

You’re right here yet you’re distant

My words and feelings can no longer reach you

You have become resistant, pushing aside our commitment

We don’t see eye to eye anymore, you and I

Every word you say sound like a lie

My text messages you don’t reply

You always argue like you’re right when you’re wrong,

But I’m wrong for hoping we can get back together again to do it right

You were my ride or die

But lately you let me ride and die alone, while chasing your shadows


I was warned about your kind

But I was blind,

Too blind to see you hadn’t my best interest in mind

Not even yours

I thought I caught your heart

But I caught a bullet instead

Am I doomed?

We hit a dead end but I still hope there’s hope on the other side

For us to reunite and reconcile

It’s time to lose sight of that chance

I know when to call it quits

If it’s now, so be it

And if it is meant to be

You will find your way back to me

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