A Tale of Two (Us)

She used to be the love of my life,

My everything

I call her my trophy wife,

Now I’m none existent to her

I used to be the love of her life

She couldn’t do anything without me

I made her feel alive

Now she has become a stranger

She used to be the sweetest

And I was the dearest

We thought we had us till eternity

But we ran out of time and into hostility

We were like Romeo and Juliet,

The ones that didn’t die

Now we can’t tell what real is,

All we do is lie

We used to live in the clouds,

Till we both fell apart

Whatever happened to my wings

When did you learn to forget how to fly

Every drug has an expiration date,

I was way past mine

I endured, we endured

But we were way past prime

To you, I still want to confess

My love

Coz I know I can never love you less

My love

You left me in ruin, but I still want to fix us

I want to be your present with the future in mind,

given that the past is behind us

I can’t let you go,

I know what you mean to me

And I can’t let you let me go

Coz I know we’re meant to be

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