The Wake (In Love)

Something’s always more precious

I mean there’s diamond and there’s ice

I always thought I needed just a slice

but then it hit me, not once but twice

Something told me we could be much more than that

I felt that you needed more but what could be more?

You say nothing I say nothing, I just can’t be sure

They say love is brightest when it’s pure and

I always look for something to adore

But we both did nothing, nothing at all

I always think about the consequences before the action

And then you left me,

I guess that’s the consequence of not taking action

You always had this glow

It brightened my day, so how did I let it go

I loved you but could never let it show

Emotions start slow but could grow

Well, I guess that’s a story for another day

It’s done so what more can I say

Wish there was a way to see through all that

All the thoughts and feelings you held up inside

You held onto it like it was your pride

Heh, I guess I did too

But my pride wasn’t the case

I couldn’t say it with a straighter face

But my tender heart was at stake.

In the end I still ache –

I still ache for what could’ve been but what could’ve been?

I get scared from what I’ve seen hoping it could all be a dream

So I stay woke

Hoping that you could walk through that door 

and say it’s fine baby, maybe –

Maybe we could walk the street holding hands,

Is there a chance?

I get tired of these games but it’s a shame

I’m like a pro in the sea of life but I drown in the pool of love

Cupid come shoot me so I might die then wake in love not another dream.

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