My Heart’s Conviction

One of the many things I enjoy when talking to you,

Is the ability to speak freely from the debt of my heart

Poetry has been a part of me that has stayed hidden or rather

I find really hard to share with other people

But you, you walk through me with ease

Perhaps it was fated that I met you

Perhaps not, coz I hurt you and I didn’t mean to

Even though things don’t appear as they seem

You deserve all good things that come your way,

You deserve all good things that people say,

You deserve not the pain I’m causing you unintentionally

You deserve a story that ends with ‘and they lived happily forever after’

You deserve a throne with the crown on your head

Even though I messed up, I wish and hope I can treat you right

Like I once told you, that we should take it one step at a time

Now I’m gonna take that one step at a time to regain your trust

no matter how long it takes

So for now, inspire me and allow me to write for you

Write my heart out and tell you the truth and feelings that can not be shown

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