Where Are You

I realize I’m lonely whenever I get home

Seeing all these “#relationshipgoals”,

and I get stuck asking myself who’s the one for me coz it sucks to be alone

I want me a girl who likes the things I like

A girl I won’t have to fight for coz I already won, my own trophy

Someone who’ll knock me off my feet

Someone I’m always eager to please

Someone who understands the simple things

Someone to share my feelings with, no more flings

Forever might be a long road

But we’ll hold each other when we get cold

Not everything that glitters is gold

But you’ll shine till we’re weary and old

Nobody is perfect but in my eyes, she will be

For with her, my trapped heart shall be set free

she has no thoughts of other men

yet she’ll make me chase hoping I love it, of course I do

I’ve always believed in dreams so I’ll wait for you

Even though my faith is strong,

Don’t make me wait too long…

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