Dream Come True

Woke up to this sexiness,

beautiful like the sunset on the west side

Her gorgeous eyes defies reality

and oh! my nature is rising so

I gently kissed her neck and she whispers to my ear … More

More shivers run down my spine as my body throbs against hers

She’s .. got a rhythm and I can feel them

She’s .. like the poetry that I seek

but baby I hope you don’t mind if I speak

with my hand as it slips to your nips

And take a bite on your luscious lips

Hold up….

Before I let my imaginations run deep

I gotta take a breather

But I feel her ..

No it’s not a dream

Tis the materialization of my thoughts,

so I might enjoy this reality

Take it slow … go with the flow

and make it last forever in a moment.

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