Harder To Heal

I could tell you were ready to let me go,

when your light ceased to shine  

When the look in your eyes don’t feel like they used to 

And the excitement you felt was replaced,

by this cold feeling when your eyes meet mine 

I started to think maybe you now see us differently 

When you spent time with me, not because you wanted to,

But out of pity 

And your cheek to cheek smile started to play hide n seek 

Tell me that at the end of this tunnel there’s still light? 

Cos in the dark is where your silence leaves me

When you can’t tell me how you truly feel 

I hate to be filled with doubts and quite frankly 

These doubts are killing me 

I’ve always been scared to fall in love 

Cos I’m afraid of giving too much of myself 

It’d take a second to break my heart 

But it’ll take years to heal it back 

Yet, if given the chance once more 

I’ll still choose love 

Because, even when you break it 

Loving you would’ve been well worth it 

But would you tell me when this journey is coming to an end

When you no longer wish to ride shotgun 

Or when you wish to remain only friends

So I can pack my bags and set like the evening sun

Cos If the seed we had sowed can’t find any space to grow 

It’d stay stunted, then dead, signalling my cue to go 

I’ll rather walk away now and live with the pain 

Than to watch your love fade away with the rain 

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