No Warranty

I told myself I would never love again 

Cos love doesn’t have a warranty 

If I fall in love, do I stand to lose or gain 

When forever isn’t guaranteed 

When things go wrong you try to make amends 

Emotions invested are wasted 

Happiness is never guaranteed, 

Even when the best memories are made 

Then I can’t take back the time I put in 

And I can’t get a refund 

With only a slim chance for a rerun 

Which only costs me more, and I’m petty 

I’m so petty when you kiss me I wanna kiss back 

When you show me affection I want more of that 

Then I get possessive, 

Jealous and over protective 

Then every little thing begins to hurt 

Then comes the blames and faults 

No collecting on all your promises 

When it breaks, it stays broken 

Love is fragile, but we stay hoping 

That we don’t get the shorter end of the stick 

While keeping our hearts open 

And hoping that we attract the right person 

And keeping the wrong ones out 

While healing the parts that are broken

Cos without fixing, the hurts worsen 

So I can’t help but have doubts 

But if only your love had a warranty 

I would love more comfortably

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