Home To Your Heart

Model: @liaferreira.m

We’re like oil and water when we disagree,

but somehow you find a way we can both coexist

And you do so so beautifully

when you say please, I can’t resist

With so much contradictions,

There’s still this undeniable attraction between us

If I married you, I’d buy you flowers daily

Cos I know how much you love roses and daisies

Whenever I see you smile, it warms up my heart

It wasn’t clear to me from the start

But I realized it when I made a habit of making you laugh

Your happiness had become mine

Whenever you felt sad and down,

I wished to be the one to lift you up

I’d offer my shoulder for you to lean on

Whenever you’re troubled, I’d offer a listening ear

I’d stay to make sure your clouded thoughts are clear

Is this an obsession, I thought

No, the like has grown to love

I have become relentless with my effort in making you mine

With that being said,

Your love I have yet to win

Your mind you’re yet to speak

And when you’re ready,

you’ll realize that your heart can find a home in me

Love, Yours!

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