The Irony of Love


Love is freedom…

It opens up the path to the depth of your heart

It takes you to places you never imagined

You are trapped in an endless journey

It knows no bounds

Love is blind…

Though it sees past the look on faces and facades

It sees the softness beneath the surface

It sees the weaknesses shielded by the toughness

Yet, it is blind to all the visible flaws

Love is insanity…

You do unimaginable things for the sake of love

It can make you go crazy, at the same time keep you sane

Love is timeless…

When you find where you fit in

The happiness is limitless

You live for the moment

And every moment counts for something

Love is war…

Your patience and endurance is tested to its limit

You either win or lose

It causes both pain and pleasure

Sometimes you lose track of what you’re fighting for

But ultimately, you seek to find peace amidst all the chaos

Love is romance

Romance is poetry

And poetry is my love

What is the irony of your love?


Happy Valentine’s Day my loves

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