Why do we keep going round in circles?

Roller coasting through this rough thing of ours

Going in and out of whatever we call us

We’ve said goodbyes like a million times

But we never meant it

We were never good at it

You never hurt me harder than I want you to

We never loved each other harder

Even though we wanted to

You still tremble

When I hold your face and kiss your lips

You still sway your hips

When I play our favourite tune

We can’t let each other go

And we can’t let this love grow

We break up in the summer but the cold brings us back together

Maybe it’s the weather

My place has become your favourite spot

coz I know how to treat you right

You know what you’re doing alright

This is just a mascot

We’ve been playing games

We’re only heating up

We can’t start up the flames

Everybody hurts but you’re my first aid

Until this thing of ours fade,

I’ll keep running back to you

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