Girl In A Little Black Dress (Unforgettable)

Something about her seems familiar

Though we’ve never met,

I felt compelled to adore her

To other girls, she was a threat

To the gents, she was a rare treat

I had never seen anyone look so sexy the way she did in her little black dress

She was a damsel but I was in destress

The rare occurrence of beauty and elegance put me in a trance 

But I stood and stared from a distance 

I froze on my feet

I shouldn’t be okay with my quiet demeanour

It was a crime and I knew it

I was guilty but I couldn’t help it

The music was loud but I could hear my heartbeat

Racing with the rhythm of her dance moves

She lit up my night

The darkness wasn’t enough to dim her spotlight

It’s like she was from a different world

The night is done yet I couldn’t utter a word

But no matter how much time flew

and wherever you may be, just know I’m thinking of you.

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