No Good

As time goes by, I realize I’ve had it all wrong

Your intentions which were never made clear

Had begun to appear

Didn’t take too long

All my cards were on the table

But you were still concealing

My friends bet against our love

Now I’m conceding

My will keeps bending 

I’m beginning to give in 

To your desires but I desire 

That you’d be plain with me

And electrifying like a naked wire

I was ahead, thinking about our future

But you were never all in, so it’s futile

There’s no ‘I’ in “Us” but ‘U’,

So you make everything about you

You didn’t care so much about me,

But more about what I did for you

You’re the catalyst to my defects

I’m losing myself for you

When I ask if you love me

You would second guess it

But I’m guessing

That my answers lies within your silence

I never thought I’d say this

But, so long

You’re no good for me..

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