It’s All In Your Eyes

There’s something about your eyes that I do not despise

The seductive look you give makes me realize that I always fantasize

About having you by my side, but then I realize

You might not feel anything more than your friendliness towards me

So it’s hard to tell what those eyes convey

This is where my instincts fail me

Are they full of intent or did you not intend

to pierce my desire with intent and lust?

Now I’m lost in thought

How good would it feel to be with you, share small talks

Kiss and cuddle and watching you sleep in my arms,

Then wake up to your gaze?

It’s all a fantasy, but I can’t deny the sexual attraction

How bad will I feel to have all my attention ignored ?

Maybe this is going overboard

Maybe I write because I’m bored

Maybe I’ve been hypnotized

Maybe I’ll never find the answers but I surmise,

That the reason for my demise, is all in your eyes…

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